Lambing was unexpectedly prolific this year, with many unanticipated multiple births.  Due to the numbers, we are lowering our prices significantly.  See below.  Lambs will be available come June this year.

All of our Soay are grass fed, either on pasture or from our own hay.  We don’t use any antibiotics, commercial feeds, or medicine or wormer for the sheep.  The superior parasite immunity of Soay sheep is an advantage which can not be stressed enough.

The sheep are given free access to trace mineral blocks, and in the fall, apple mash from our cider pressing. This is for both our live sheep, or those intended for slaughter.  Either way, you are receiving the highest quality animal.

Lambs start at  $150, and are lower when a starter flock is purchased. Individual adult sheep are for sale also. We will have some very nice British cross lambs this year that will be smaller than other Soays, so be sure to check these out if  your pasture is small or crowded.

The starter lamb flocks of 3 ewes and a ram are $425. The flocks are custom made to fit a particular ram.  See the link above for more information.

Our butcher lamb prices are very competitively priced.  These lambs will have a carcass weight around 30 pounds or more,  for all grass fed completely natural meat.  We do not know

of any other lamb available that is completely medication free. Nearly all other lamb breeds require at least parasite wormers, some getting monthly or more  dosing.  At Lost Valley Soays, you receive completely medication free lamb.  

Please contact us with any additional questions, directions, butcher lambs etc.  We look forward to hearing from you.